How a survey can save you more than money

Couple receiving keys to new home.While carrying out a survey Chauntry uncovered problems that could have resulted in serious injury or worse

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Structural Building Survey

A full Building Survey from Chauntry Surveying Ltd gives you the assurance of a comprehensive report that will identify any potentially damaging and expensive problem areas within a property you are considering purchasing.

Our Full Building Survey covers the structural fabric of the building including:-

  • Foundations
  • Structural walls
  • Structural floors
  • Chimney stacks
  • Timber roof supports
  • Roof coverings
  • Damp proof course
  • Rain water goods
  • Timber defects

The survey identifies damp in any part of the building both rising damp and penetrative damp and includes any condensation problems.

Chimneys and roof structures are inspected for their structural integrity. Services such as gas, water, electricity, drainage etc are looked into on a cursory basis. Any alterations or extensions will be identified and advice will be given on their compliance with latest legislation.

Finally, the report advises on such legal implications as boundary walls, shared sewers etc and advice can be given on buildings insurance.

To arrange a full structural survey, please contact us on 01628 421504 or email

A full building survey can save you more than money

A full building survey can save you more than money

Chauntry Surveying carried out a full building survey on a house for sale in Windsor Berkshire. The property had undergone some structural alterations and to create more space the existing owners had removed all of the fire breasts internally and chimneys externally....

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Boundary Wall Dispute to be resolved by Chauntry Surveying

Boundary Wall Dispute to be resolved by Chauntry Surveying

We are currently acting on behalf of a client with a boundary wall dispute. The neighbour of our client has built an extension to their property and in the process of doing this has taken down the hedge which separates the two properties and built within our clients’ boundary wall.

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